My name is Kate Grace Bauer. I live in New Orleans. I work as a brand manager, personal and editorial stylist, painter and photographer. This blog is dedicated to life, love, good design and great music. Oh, and our pug, Miles Davis. kategracebauer at gmail dot com

Thanksgiving Table

When it comes to decoration and styling I like to have fun and make it a memorable moment.  I spend a lot of time thinking about what textures and colors would be fun to mix together to create a table spread that evokes a feeling that then enhances the meal.  I was inspired by this table and adapted it to my own taste.  Here are a few shots from our Thanksgiving dinner down here in New Orleans.  JM and I have a tradition of cooking the turkey - his brine is becoming something of a legend as it truly makes for a juicy and perfectly marinated bird.

I used different pages from my friend Alexa Pulitzer’s long note pads to create a unique name card and menu for everyone.

Grilled Brussels sprout salad with purple kale and Parmesan…and bacon.

Thanksgiving staple/tradition: Prosciutto wrapped, cheese-stuffed dates. Thanks Giada.

Persimmon and butternut squash salad.


JM’s place setting.

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