My name is Kate Grace Bauer. I live in New Orleans. I work as a brand manager, personal and editorial stylist, painter and photographer. This blog is dedicated to life, love, good design and great music. Oh, and our pug, Miles Davis. kategracebauer at gmail dot com


Hello Fashion, meet Molly Stackhouse. Not only is her name just amazing, but her clothes are like wearable art.  Structural pieces with just enough feminine whimsy to make you feel like you’re without a doubt the best dressed at the party, MESDRESS is the collection every woman needs a staple from.  Just off of an insanely busy Fashion Week and productive market, Molly is excited to announce that her S/S ‘13 collection is a game-changer. White lamb skin leather top? Got it.  Flattering maxi skirts? Look here. A new take on the not-going-anywhere chambray shirt? You got it, Molly did it.  Here are some of my favorite photos from her New Orleans Fashion Week S/S ‘13 presentation.

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